Reasons For Spring Coil Press Wheel Popularity

As the story goes, Australian farmers set their auto-steer to go in a straight line while out in the farm and then take a nap under the sun. Well, there is no real proof of this statement but perhaps that is where the concept of straight line farming was born. This straight line farming method makes them experience different soil conditions and since stopping at every stage to make adjustments is out of the question, there is a steady need for all soil type tools that would keep going regardless what condition they encounter.

Unfortunately, the tools in the market today are not perfect for all types of soil conditions but farmers have found a way to work with them regardless which means that a farmer can have a really easy time one week and dread the job the next mainly because soil can be nice and easy to work with one day and absolutely tough and sticky the next. Farmers often have to make a compromise and work through the condition which does not always equal fulfilling work days. This compromise can deal a major blow to farm workers which is wrong in a time where people are travelling to space for fun. Farmers have to endure when they encounter clay soil or a wet spot and continue seeding right through it. The conventional rubber wheel which was a dream come true at some point in time plugs with mud. In addition, farmers go through a lot of tires in a single season which wastes a lot of time and resources. Enter the spring coil press wheels.

The spring steel wheels vibrate and flex to shake off the mud so that there is no build-up which would make the final stages of tillage almost impossible. Apart from this, they are also easy when it comes to maintenance. They are also a favorite among no-till farmers.

The spring coil wheel system adapts to the soil conditions giving the farmer an easier time altogether and gives him a softer ride too. In sandy circumstances for example, it closes up the seed channel and leaves a neat peak. The way it works, it sucks out all the air in the soil and around the seed giving it perfect soil to seed contact and since it thoroughly moves through the soil, the spring compacts the seed in the soil while leaving a loose cover of the soil on top so that the ground does not crack.

When the spring steel wheel first showed up in the agricultural sector, it replaced the closing and gauge wheels that had been existence. While there are still people using the closing and gauge wheels, many distributors such as RFM are able to assist farmers work out how to deal with the various difficulties that come with those particular wheels. A report from the farmers who have used the spring coil press wheels have termed them as 'foolproof' as they show no sign of breaking or losing their spring tension.

The unique idea to have a self-closing and self-cleaning system is just the first step in revolutionising agriculture as we know it. The world could very well be in the front row watching a 21st century agrarian revolution.